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About MCM

MCM is a global Project Management Consultancy (PMC) firm with presences in over 10 countries and experienced team in various industries, currently managing projects over US$10billion globally.

As part of MCM’s CSR initiative, MCM GIC, a dedicated knowledge-sharing platform teaching people about properties and businesses and finding more opportunities worldwide.

This is done through MCM exclusive and trusted network, proven investment experience and willingness to bring profit to our esteemed MCM GIC members.

MCM believe in People before Profit: Trust and Integrity lay at the core of our main values.

About CoMetro

We are a Financial Institution cooperative approved by Cooperative Commission of Malaysia with the objective of maximising our shareholders and investors returns.

Building Societies have been a part of our global financial services since 2010 and the building Societies globally have consistently provided a stable structure to provide a range of financial services to the members.

CoMetro is no ordinary building society as we strive to assist our members to reach their goals. We assist our clients in building their businesses and trade relationships worldwide as the world markets have the greatest volume of trade so no one country is sufficient to deal with the growing demand for good trade products and services.

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